Who finally killed Orochimaru?

  1. Who finally killed Orochimaru?
  2. Can anybody kill Orochimaru?
  3. How Orochimaru finally die?
  4. Who will beat Orochimaru?

Who finally killed Orochimaru?

Sasuke killed Orochimaru in episode 114 of Shippuden Eye of a Hawk. Sasuke killed Orochimaru in Episode 114 of Naruto Shippuden, but he didn’t actually die. He will return in Episode 341, called Orochimaru’s Return, where Sasuke brings him back using the Evil Releasing Jutsu.

Can anybody kill Orochimaru?

A piece of his soul, or life force, is bound to whomever carries his seal, that’s why Anko could tell when he was close by. So Orochimaru can only die after all his soul portions have been expunged, and killed from whatever curse seals he’s planted.

How Orochimaru finally die?

Orochimaru was incapacitated for a major portion of Shippuden after his battle with Itachi where he was sealed off by the mystical Totsuka blade.

Who will beat Orochimaru?

Itachi definitely could kill Orochimaru. There was a time when Orchimaru was in Akatsuki and had wanted to take Itachi’s body for his next vessel. However, Itachi was way ahead of him and when Orochimaru tried to do so Itachi instantly had him in a genjustu.