Who is Jotaro’s girlfriend?

  1. Who is Jotaro’s girlfriend?
  2. Who is Jotaro ex wife?
  3. Is Jotaro’s wife a dolphin?
  4. Who does Jotaro have a kid with?
  5. Who is jotaro dad?
  6. Who is jolyne crush?
  7. What happened to jotaro’s wife?
  8. Who is Jotaro’s crush?
  9. What is jotaro’s age?
  10. Is jotaro dead?
  11. Who killed Jotaro Kujo?
  12. Who is Johnny Joestars son?
  13. Is Jotaro a real name?
  14. Who is Erina’s son?

Who is Jotaro’s girlfriend?

After acquiring her Stand and being told by Jotaro of his love for her, Jolyne noticeably matures, becoming more courageous and confident.

Who is Jotaro ex wife?

Jolyne’s Mother (徐倫の母親 Jorīn no hahaoya) is an unnamed tertiary character in the sixth part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean. Her mother is an American woman and Jotaro’s ex-wife.

Is Jotaro’s wife a dolphin?


Who does Jotaro have a kid with?

Jotaro KujoChildrenJolyne CujohNationalityJapaneseStandStar Platinum

Who is jotaro dad?

Sadao Kujo (空条 貞夫, Kūjō Sadao) is a minor character mentioned in Stardust Crusaders. He is the father of Jotaro Kujo and husband of Holy Kujo. As a famous musician, he is always on tour and is never seen in the series.

Who is jolyne crush?

Narciso Anasui (ナルシソ・アナスイ, Narushiso Anasui) is a major ally featured in Stone Ocean. Anasui is an inmate in Green Dolphin Street Prison who falls in love with Jolyne Cujoh and decides to help her with defeating Enrico Pucci. Anasui is a Stand User who wields Diver Down in battle.

What happened to jotaro’s wife?

Jotaro also divorced his wife, which only furthered the gap between him and Jolyne. After the divorce, Jolyne essentially disowned him and never talked about him to anyone. She even changed the spelling of her last name ‘Kujo’ to ‘Cujoh’ to further distant herself from him.

Who is Jotaro’s crush?

Anne crushing on Jotaro.

What is jotaro’s age?

Jotaro KujoAge17 (Part 3) 28 (Part 4) 30 (Part 5) 40 (Part 6)Birthday1970 or 1971SexMaleSpeciesHuman

Is jotaro dead?

Pucci slices Jotaro’s face in half, fatally wounding him. Given Made in Heaven’s acceleration powers, time rushes as the universe resets in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. In both of the alternate universes shown later, Jotaro is alive but with vastly different appearances.

Who killed Jotaro Kujo?

Does Kujo Jotaro get his Disk back? (Spoilers from the manga) In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean volume 11, during the Whitesnake – The Pursuer arc, Jolyne Cujoh fights Enrico Pucci head-on. To escape, Pucci throws Kujo Jotaro’s Memory Disk at Anasui, fatally wounding him.

Who is Johnny Joestars son?

George Joestar II (JoJolion): The son of Johnny Joestar and Rina Higashikata.

Is Jotaro a real name?

Jōtarō is a male Japanese given name.

Who is Erina’s son?

George Joestar II was born just months after his father died to the eyes of Dio Brando. His mother, Erina, was pregnant at the time of Dio’s assault and raised George primarily by herself. He grew up to marry the child who was saved by Erina at the time. Together, they had a son named Joseph Joestar.